The fitness benefits of HIIT or high-intensity interval training are well-known. Fitness seekers worldwide are aware that through HIIT, they can efficiently get in a total body workout in 45 minutes that targets more muscle groups than most people do in one week. They also know that through HIIT they can expect to improve coordination, balance, and endurance, but did you know that HIIT could improve your heart health?


Are you someone who doesn’t get in as much exercise as you should? Not only can regular exercise help you burn calories and slim down, but it also protects the heart. As you work out regularly, you improve your cardiovascular fitness which, in turn, takes the pressure away from your heart muscles as they are able to pump oxygen-rich blood through your body with ease. Any form of exercise can benefit your heart, but there are some methods of fitness that are more efficient at it than others.

HIIT is especially effective at improving heart health for these key reasons:

By doing this repeatedly throughout a single workout and over the course of multiple training sessions, you are ultimately training your cardiac muscles to pump blood as efficiently as possible.


Individuals who wish to expose themselves to the heralded benefits of HIIT often have trouble discovering ways to perform HIIT. As niche at it may sound, one can adapt HIIT to whatever physical activity they enjoy. The only rule to performing HIIT is that you keep the intensity high throughout the workout only to be interrupted by short rest/transition periods. One can adapt this fitness method to:

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