The Scoop: For couples who feel stuck in a rut with their at-home workout routines, Epic Interval Training can help them mix it up. Epic locations around the country have been teaching live virtual classes that allow users to work out from 16 to 45 minutes. By participating with live video, users can receive pointers from instructors and see what everyone else in the class is doing. Couples who need a little extra motivation can sign up for challenges and compete against other Epic members for prizes and recognition.

Couples stuck at home during the COVID-19 quarantine may feel that they’ve become a little, well, unathletic. Like most people, their gym routines have been disrupted, and they may think they can’t get a quality experience from their living rooms.

But how about trying some at-home inverted rows?

“If you have a table at an appropriate height, you can grab the edge of the table to do your bodyweight rows. Feet planted or legs extended. Add a little challenge by doing it on a single leg!” according to an Instagram post from Epic Interval Training, a fitness program that offers live video training options for those at home.

Epic Interval Training offers couples options to stay fit at home through its Epic Odyssey program.

Epic also suggests ways couples can change up the way they work out by switching out the standard medicine ball for heavy things around the house — for instance, incorporating a folding chair or a full backpack instead of gym equipment. Or they could add overhead presses, windmill arms, or rotational thrusters to leg workouts to work the upper body at the same time.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, gyms were among the first businesses to shut down. But while Epic Interval Training locations throughout the United States closed their doors, the trainers haven’t stopped teaching clients.

Instead, they are keeping that connection going with daily online training experience that keeps individuals and couples working toward their fitness goals. Through those initiatives, Epic stays engaged with clients during this time of social distancing so they don’t have to give up working out during quarantine. Couples can get creative with their workouts and plan times to work with an Epic trainer.

“In person, we do classes with 16 people. Online, you can work out with someone at home,” said Epic Interval Training D.C. Owner David Fuller. “When you’re exercising together, you’re going to give each other the motivation. It’s not a competition; it’s positive reinforcement. A continual loop of positivity.”

Replicating a Community Experience Online

Epic Interval Training is a unique fitness system that transforms traditional exercises. When people work out with Epic, they move through a series of short circuits that allow them to engage in cardio, body weight, and strength exercises to improve their overall fitness.

Epic also has an online platform, Epic Odyssey, that virtually mimics in-person classes. The program gives users an unlimited number of in-home workouts for $29 a month. At 16, 24, or 30 minutes each, the sessions can easily fit into a day and are structured to motivate participants.

Epic Odyssey members can choose to move through the classes at their own speed and try some of the platform’s challenges. Others can continue to work with their local trainers through virtual classes made available by Epic locations across the country.

Whatever they choose, though, David suggests working out with a partner, or even with the entire family. Since the quarantine began, David said he has been working out with his wife and teenage daughter, who encourage him to push himself further than he otherwise would.

“We were doing a workout where you were supposed to do one to five burpees between each exercise. We were going to do three, but my daughter said, “All right, let’s do five.” When you’re together, you’re going to be working harder,” David said with a laugh.

Accountability is one of the core philosophies that Epic classes emphasize — both online and in person. That’s because having a partner often makes people work out harder than they ever would alone.

Multiple Class Options Keep Workouts Fresh

Many members work at home with partners for the same reasons that they’d join an Epic Interval Training gym: motivation.

If people use a treadmill or elliptical machine at home, they may be moving and getting their heart rate up, but they probably aren’t pushing themselves. But in a small group environment where they can see what the instructor and others in the class are doing, they’re much more likely to increase their intensity.

Epic trainers, and its Odyssey program, can bring that type of motivation online.

“Translating that from the gym into your homes involves both the instructors and the participants. Our instructors teach and try to interact. We ask our guests to have their cameras on so the coach can talk to — and encourage — them. You can also see other people in the class putting in the effort, too. The idea is that you’re all in it together,” David said.

Epic clients have seen dramatic results thanks to its classes and online offerings.

That makes online classes more like those that happen in person. Instructors will push participants and suggest modifications to their form. Watching others can encourage people to keep going.

Couples can take classes taught by instructors from different Epic gym locations. That means couples who frequent Epic gym locations in Chicago can take a class from a New York City instructor. They’ll also see new faces they may not see in their local fitness centers.

“One day, you and your partner could say, ‘Let’s try a coach from San Francisco.’ Your physical location doesn’t matter anymore. We’re trying to shake it up,” said David.

Epic: Helping People Stay Fit During Quarantine

When people are stuck in the same place for an extended period, it can be hard to stay motivated. If they’re working from home, cooking, and relaxing in the same space, they may not be too excited to work out there.

Epic trainers can still provide couples with that sense of enthusiasm at home by creating different workout challenges that will keep them focused on reaching their goals.

“We offer these challenges where you compete while taking classes. You post your feedback and your dinner online, you talk to each other, earn points, and get prizes at the end,” David said.
Not only do these challenges keep everyone motivated, but they also build a community of Epic participants.

“We’re trying to create that communal environment,” said David.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Epic has made significant changes to its regular workout programs. But the fitness centers have plans to welcome its athletes back when social distancing restrictions are lifted.

“We are doing everything we can to keep people engaged and healthy during this time of crisis. But we want everyone to be ready to get back into the gym and work out together when it’s all over,” said David.