Have you ever been to a community park that had little exercise stops throughout the running trail? Well, that’s not the type of stations training we’re talking about here. This type of stations training is commonly referred to as High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT, and if you’ve never heard of it, its name tells you all you need to know. They are comprised of exercise sessions involving multiple stations that each target a specific muscle group. Professional athletes and everyday fitness seekers alike utilize this unique training method, but what are the benefits of stations training?

More Results, Less Time

Why spend an hour and a half in the gym walking from machine to machine when you get twice the workout in 45 minutes with less equipment?  That’s a question many find hard to answer and, rather than waste more time trying to find the answer, they have allowed themselves to benefit from this time-efficient training method.

Contrary to those TV infomercials that claim you can lose weight fast by spending a few minutes on an elliptical, stations training provides real results. One achieves this through the exertion of maximum energy for extended periods, interrupted by short rest and transition periods. This technique is often referred to as “interval training” and is the key to creating the afterburn effect. The afterburn effect occurs when your body continues to burn calories for up to 24 hours after a killer workout!

Diverse Workout

Another one of the most significant benefits of stations training is that you get a diverse workout. Even those who attend the gym regularly and follow a workout plan may not be training efficiently. A vast majority of training routines are designed for you to focus on one or two parts of the body each day as you ignore the others until their day comes around.

Stations training provides you with a full-body workout and can be altered to implement different exercises that can also yield the same breathtaking results. Those who have found themselves uninterested in low-intensity, steady-state training are the first to choose stations training to obtain a much-needed surge of energy and excitement.

Metabolism Boost

How your body processes the fuel you put in it is all up to your metabolism. When someone says they have a slow or fast metabolism, they are referencing how their body uses food to catabolize (break down matter for energy)  and anabolize (build up components of cells). The latter consumes more of your energy and leaves you with less to exert. Circuit or stations training can boost your metabolism as a whole, ultimately giving you more energy and allowing your body to burn more fat.

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