Shoulder squats using a wreck bag.

Rest the bag on on e shoulder and wrap your arm around it to secure it in place.
Wreck bags are a must in obstacle course training but they are also a great for anyone who wants a challenging total body workout and take their strength training to a new level. Using the wreck bag is a convenient and efficient way to optimize your workout. The handles on the front allow you to gain a good grip on the bag so you have control over it and don’t need to pause your workout to reposition. I recommend the Wreck bag for anyone looking to change up their workout routine in a safe and comfortable way.
EPIC is a circuit-style fitness program that injects the fun back into fitness and produces real results. With fitness trends that come and go, EPIC concentrates on proven core values of training that breeds results. We start with a foundation of body weight, cardio and strength training, toss in a hefty dose of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and top it off with some mobility drills to recover and restore your body.

Our program has progressive levels so that anyone, no matter your fitness level, can partake in our interval training. EPIC has also been rated one of the most entertaining and effective workouts by various national media outlets and been featured on Jillian Michael’s Sweat Inc. Just as life presents obstacles, our fitness regimen is all about conquering obstacles through fitness.

At EPIC you will develop overall strength, endurance, power, agility and balance. We aim to complement every aspect of our members lives; from training to team competitions and social events. EPIC is more than just a fitness center, it’s an experience!
If you’re looking to lose weight, increase muscle mass, and achieve that chiseled look…this program is for you! This program is for beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts.

EPIC Interval Training consists of seven different fitness classes along with various specialty classes to assure your fitness regime stays fresh. All classes have a range of 5-8 unique circuit stations that utilize EPIC movements.

Workouts are reprogrammed every 4 weeks with different EPIC movements to ensure enough time to see progress as you can take a specific class at least 4 times each month, but also ensure new and exciting workouts each month.