In a day and age where we work too much and rest too little; convenience has become a necessity and instant satisfaction is a need.  Why would we plan meals for days in advance when we can easily order it online and have it delivered minutes later? We lead such busy lives it is important to dedicate time to our health and that … starts in the kitchen.  

There is nothing better than preparing food from scratch with quality ingredients. Your body and mind will feel better and thank you for it! Believe me, I know this from personal experience.
Whether your goals include weight loss, fat loss, weight gain, or plain old healthy living, there are several reasons to prepare your own meals.  Meal prepping teaches you how to eat clean, whole foods (foods that are unprocessed and unrefined). By eating real whole foods, you will eat less junk. You are fueling your body with nutrient dense deliciousness that will keep you energized.

Preparing food provides for balanced and portion controlled meals.  By doing this, you avoid mindless eating or overeating that can occur when ordering from a restaurant.  When eating balanced meals that include quality protein, complex carbohydrates like brown rice and sweet potatoes, and healthy fat (i.e. avocados and almonds), your body feels satisfied and you will experience fewer cravings.

By prepping, you avoid the unwanted additives that are added to even the ‘healthy’ meals found in restaurants.  Food producers and restaurants use high levels of salt and trans fats to make their foods “taste better”. When prepping, you control the amount of salt and oil, or, you can avoid it completely and rely on the fresh flavor created from food combinations.  

Prep For Success by planning out a list of healthy foods before you step foot into the grocery store. The list should include lots of dark greens (i.e. kale and spinach), colorful veggies like peppers and tomatoes, fruits, quality, lean protein, and unrefined whole carbohydrates. This will eliminate buying sugary and processed food. Designate a day for your prepping. I personally like to use Sundays because it helps prepare me for the entire week. (Remember all of this work is to avoid being rushed during your busy work week.) Whatever you plan to create, make enough for a few meals, then separate them into different containers. The containers should represent a balanced, portion controlled meal. This also saves time during the busy week to separate out each meal for each day. Just take it and run! Keep it interesting. Don’t be afraid to explore by trying a new whole food or recipe each week. You may discover something new your taste buds love!

Being a seasonal eater I believe it is important to eat foods that are fresh and ripe for a specific time of year. For the last few months, being that it’s winter, I’ve been preparing large pots of vegetable soup and freeze half of it. This lasts for a few weeks! I always prepare tempeh, a soy product (an excellent source of protein and will sauté or roast a bunch of vegetables to go with it. This is an easy, fast, and simple way to create a few meals. I have also been exploring with protein bar recipes! I’ll let you know when I find a good one!

The Takeaway:

If you are an active and busy person, meal prep will really improve your hectic lifestyle, not to mention keep a few dollar bills in your wallet. We’d love to hear how you prep for the week. If you’re new to this, keep us posted on what you’re first experience was like. Share some great recipes with us, we’d love to try them out too!

Live Epic Be Epic,