Working out your entire body may seem like a strenuous task, but we do it more often than we realize. When you participate in sports like basketball, soccer, and lacrosse, you are using your entire body to perform movements, which effectively counts as a full-body workout. Many variations of full-body workouts are performed in gyms nationwide, but what they all have in common is their ability to produce noticeable results. Here are three amazing things a full-body workout achieves.


The greatest and most evident benefit of full-body workouts is that they are more time and energy efficient. Other forms of training take you an entire week to train the same muscles groups that you can target in one full-body workout. Even if you were to ignore how long it takes to get the same workout, you can’t ignore the benefits of high-energy training. This is what you’re exposed to when you exercise your entire body every session, rather than the low energy output usually experienced with steady-state workouts.


One of the most inconvenient aspects of traditional training is that you only get to train particular muscle groups each day of the week. Not only does this limit your ultimate results but it makes it difficult to adapt your workout to changing conditions. A good example of this is if you were unable to exercise one day of the week for some reason and tried to resume your workout the following day. You would have to wait an entire week before you can train the specific group of muscles that you missed the previous day. Full-body workouts are flexible as you can implement them whenever and not worry about having to stray from your routine.


Most people fail to see gains when they target only one muscle group each day of the week. As much as gym-goers look forward to the heralded leg day, that should not mean that one must ignore legs for the following six days. Those who wish to get the most from their training efforts and build more muscle favor whole-body workouts.

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