Congratulations Joan! Your hard work and commitment to EPIC has not gone unnoticed. Each month, we recognize a member for what they put in, and this month, you have been chosen! We would like to brag about you in our newsletter and on social media so if you would please fill out the questions below that would help us to do so!

Your Name

Joan H.

I have been an EPIC Member Since

June 2014

EPIC Fun Fact

This can be anything about yourself or an EPIC memory from your time at the gym. Play any sports? Have any interesting hobbies. etc.

Maybe more gross than fun – but I’ve lost my big toe nail more times than I can count!

My favorite EPIC class is

Training Runs

Give us a quick background on yourself.

Born and bred native New Yorker who spent 5 years living in Hong Kong not very long ago. When I’m not enjoying time with my family (I’m one of four sisters!) or EPIC fitness, I’m a commercial litigator, focused on a white collar criminal defense and securities litigation practice. I’ve been to over 20 countries to date, and can’t wait to hit 30!

What has been your biggest accomplished since joining EPIC?

Hard to say the biggest, but I’m always amazed with how many things I couldn’t do that I CAN do now: kick-up handstand, full release re-grips, traversing monkey bars, single arm hang, ring traverse, wall traverse, 36″ box jump (barely), full proper push-ups, double-under jump rope, PULL UPS!!!, rings skin the cat, surviving an EPIC Training Run… and so on!

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