We sat down with Coach Caitlin Yuhas of our New York City locations to ask her some quick questions. Check out what she had to share below and get to know another one of EPIC’s finest!

1. When did you start coaching at Epic Interval Training? And which location do you coach at?

I started coaching in June of 2015; I am currently teaching at both NYC locations.

2. What is your home town?

Springfield, IL

3. Did you do any physical activities/play sports growing up? If so, what?

All sorts! A little basketball and softball, soccer for ten years, and I’ve been dancing since the age of 3.

4. Do you compete in any sports as an adult? If so, what?

Yes indeed! I’m a competitive amateur Strongwoman for team PowerNYC; also still dancing a bit in the city.

5. What is your favorite class to teach at EPIC and why?

So tough to choose, but I think Tone and Power is my top choice. The workouts always resonate with who I am as an athlete, and I love nerding out on technique and form. Plus, the movements in T&P are essentials, the bread and butter of our program; keep improving on those and you’ll get better at everything else we do!

6. What is your favorite class to take at EPIC and why?

I love taking The Blast. It’s the biggest departure from the training I do with my team and my coach. The pace of it allows me to get in a rhythm, go a little wild and work on my explosive power.

7. What would we find in your gym bag?

All my lifting gear (belts, wraps, chalk, sleeves, etc), special Strongman stuff (stone sleeves, Spider Tacky), at least two changes of clothes, S’well water bottle, BCAAs, Biofreeze, minibands, lacrosse ball, fruit snacks and/or Swedish fish.

8. What are your top 3 favorite workout songs?