One of the most significant struggles for athletes and the everyday person alike is finding and committing to a nutrition plan. Those who advocate a balanced diet often boast how changing your eating habits for the better can help:


The list of benefits is seemingly endless, but knowing how it can help you doesn’t make implementing healthy eating habits any easier. Many people start a diet and find themselves unable to stick to it long enough to notice results. Often, this is a result of not having the proper guidance and being forced to make it up as you go. Simply identifying what to and what not to eat can also be a great challenge for those who don’t usually prepare meals daily. EPIC Interval Training offers a simple solution. The Interval Diet and Nutrition Plan is available for all members who would like to complement their EPIC training with healthy, functional nutrition.


The general benefits of healthy eating are evident, but its importance doubles for those who train habitually. The food that you put in your body is put on full display when exercising. Do you ever feel sluggish, lazy, or just simply out of it when working out? This has plenty to do with your nutrition habits. By substituting your current diet with one designed to supplement training efforts, you can expect to experience:

Although there is no cure-all for improving poor eating habits, the EPIC nutrition plan makes converting to a healthier lifestyle that much easier.


One of the most prominent issues with many nutrition plans is that they are unrealistic. They urge individuals to go ‘cold turkey’ and drop all of their eating habits from Day 1 and to switch over to the outlined plan immediately. The unrealistic nature of this request is what deters many people from even wanting to try it out. Our nutrition plan is created for the realistic lifestyle.

We understand the importance of proper nutrition, but we also know that it’s easier to commit something that is somewhat familiar. This is why our six-week nutrition plan allows you to consume some of your favorite foods and beverages, while also providing hearty and easy-to-prepare recipes for every meal of the day. We even pair each day of the diet with an EPIC workout to ensure that you do not put your fitness efforts on the backburner. Those who commit to the plan can expect:

Are you ready to give the EPIC Interval Diet a try? EPIC Interval Training members can email to gain access to the meal plan for free! Non-members can purchase the diet and the 6-week challenge for $299. Nutrition is most important to physical fitness. Get the best of both when you sign up for your EPIC Interval Training membership today!