Congratulations Danielle! Your hard work and commitment to EPIC has not gone unnoticed. Each month, we recognize a member for what they put in, and this month, you have been chosen! We would like to brag about you in our newsletter and on social media so if you would please fill out the questions below that would help us to do so!

Your Name

DP: Danielle

I have been an EPIC Member Since

DP: October 2016

My EPIC Memory

DP: Driving by EPIC last summer when they were still in construction and I knocked on the door and met Vince and Pete. They told me that they were opening in October. They gave me some passes and I couldn’t wait! I felt like I was stalking EPIC. Every week I drove by and looked in to see the progress.

My favorite EPIC classes are

DP: Steady Burn, Dynamic Core, Tone & Power and The Combine

Give us a quick background on yourself.

DP: I have 3 boys ages 10, 8, and 2. I am a Spanish teacher in middle school. I love to work out and I love to dance!

What has been your biggest accomplished since joining EPIC

DP: I feel like I have so many since I began at Epic. I have gotten so much stronger and that feeling makes me want to work even harder. I can finally climb the rope. I think my biggest accomplishment so far is traversing from the balls to the bananas to the pumpkin to the rings.

What is your next goal at EPIC

My next goal is to traverse across from the balls to bananas to pumpkin to the rings and finally to the ropes and to keep getting stronger. I want to be able to do things that make my little guys proud of me.

What does the phrase LiveEPICBeEPIC mean to you

To always be extraordinary in everything you do. To be passionate, inspire others and make everyday an adventure.

What is your Instagram handle

DP: @dpalmiotto