If you are someone who laughs in the face of failure, welcomes challenges, and embraces discomfort, you are the ideal participant for a Spartan Race! For those who are willing to do everything it takes to get to that point, start today by joining EPIC. EPIC Interval Training provides one-of-a-kind training designed to get you in peak physical form so that you can one day call yourself a Spartan. Not only do our intense workout sessions train your body but your mind as well as we prep you to overcome the many obstacles you may have been unknowingly placing in your own path to greatness.

Spartan Race is an international competition with events everywhere from Vermont to the Czech Republic. Attracting ultimate fitness enthusiasts old and young, these competitions are designed to put your body to the test. With three main races, daunting hurricane heats, and a kid’s race, Spartan Race has something for everyone! Thinking about signing up for the next race? Be sure to know not only what to expect, but how to prepare for it.

How to Prepare for a Spartan Race

Your rudimentary three-day a week training regimen is nothing close to what you should be doing to prepare yourself for a Spartan Race. No treadmill or bench press can replicate what you will feel as you take on up to seemingly endless miles of rugged terrain and limit-pushing obstacles. For that, you need to immerse yourself in a training environment that mimics what you can expect to experience during a Spartan Race. Your training plan in the months leading up to your race should consist of:

Rather than focus on building muscle for aesthetics, train for functionality. Regular endurance training allows you to perform harder and longer while interval training aids that effort by helping to increase your anaerobic threshold. Total body strength circuits are essential as well as they prepare you for the numerous obstacles littered throughout the course. Pair all of this with optimal nutrition and scheduled rest days, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Spartan. Your local gym is highly unlikely to have all of the equipment necessary to prep you for race day. For that, you’ll need to visit EPIC Interval Training.

Join EPIC Interval Training in New York

Specializing in minimalistic-style high-intensity interval training, EPIC Interval Training is the ultimate Spartan Race prep center. Our facility hosts highly trained and skilled coaches who themselves have participated in such physically demanding competitions. We aim to get you in the best physical shape possible by providing a diverse range of seven training programs, one for each day of the week, each of which exploits varying aspects of physical fitness. Train with us and expect to:

We even offer a Interval Diet and Nutrition plan that can complement your training efforts and improve your overall health. Your first stop on the way to your Spartan Race is at EPIC Interval Training! Contact us today and discover how you can get a discounted week of training or an intense training session on us!