The idea of obstacle course training may be one that incites fear and resistance, but you should know that you’ve been doing this type of training longer than you realize. Do you remember hanging from the monkey bars at recess or climbing up rock walls on the playground? Those are all elements of obstacle course training that you were introduced to at a young age. The only difference between performing such activities now is that you are aware of how you can benefit from it. If you aren’t, allow us to inform you.

EPIC Benefits of Obstacle Course Training

Obstacle course training is a fitness method that is beneficial to a range of individuals. Members of sports teams utilize obstacle course training to improve their ability to work together while everyday fitness seekers see it as an opportunity to try something completely different. Through the use of kettlebells, sandbags, monkey bars, TRX suspension bands, plyo boxes, and much more, EPIC Interval Training brings obstacle course training to the heart of New York City for an unmatchable fitness experience.

Combination of Strength and Cardio Training

Strength and cardio training have long been considered activities that one must perform separately. Obstacle course training defies that logic by combining the two for the ultimate full-body workout. One minute you may be doing box jumps and the next, you’re performing squats with 14-pound sandbags. The diversity of the workout is what makes it so effective.

Improved Agility

As if training barefoot wasn’t enough, when combined with obstacle course training you can expect your agility to improve drastically. The reason being is that during every program, you are working to perform exercises faster and more efficiently. In doing so, you fine-tune your movements to allow you to train harder; ultimately improving agility.

Can Integrate into ANY Training Regimen

Many people are afraid to journey away from the training method they’ve entrusted with improving or maintaining their fitness level, but the best part about obstacle course training is that you don’t have to drop your routine! You can integrate obstacle course training into any training regimen to provide a much-needed shock to your muscles. The shock helps break down muscle fibers and rebuild stronger, more toned muscles. This benefits your usual training regimen, but there’s a great chance that after a few classes you’ll want to switch over to EPIC obstacle course training for good.

EPIC Interval Training is here to provide you with an obstacle course training experience like none other! Swing from the ceilings, suspend from elevated bars, and jump from boxes when you join us for one of our high-intensity classes today. Are you ready to burn calories, increase energy levels, and build strong, lean muscle with us at our New York City fitness center? Contact us to discover how you can get your first class free!