Manhattan HIIT Fitness Classes

Working out consistently is something that a vast majority of individuals struggle to do. Whether it be due to limited time, various obligations or simply a lack of energy, millions of Americans find themselves unable to commit to a training regimen. One would expect that those who do actually implement regular training into their lives will reap the benefits of a physically active lifestyle, right? Well, not exactly.

Deciding to a workout regularly is only half of the battle. The next battle is discovering what works for you. Some people get their daily workout in by participating in team sports like soccer, football, and basketball. Others prefer a more conventional method of fitness which often consists of going to the gym, hopping on the treadmill, and then moseying from one resistance machine to the next. If none of the previously-mentioned fitness ventures pique your interests, you may be the ideal candidate for a Manhattan HIIT fitness class.

Why HIIT Works

High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT has become increasingly popular in recent years. The reason being is that more and more fitness seekers are recognizing its undeniable ability to get even the most sedentary individual up, moving, and eager for the next workout. HIIT is unlike any other training method as it offers a full-body exercise with every workout!

Through 45-minute circuit-style programs, participants rotate from station to station with each designed to target a separate muscle group. This virtually condenses a week’s worth of training into one class! Those who couple training efforts with optimal nutrition can expect to:

In order to make these gains, you must commit to HIIT. One can perform this training method in various ways, but there is one HIIT fitness method in particular known for producing the most desirable results.

What is EPIC Interval Training?

EPIC Interval Training is a minimalistic-style fitness method that offers an experience like no other. Both class participants and trainers perform workouts completely barefoot in a fitness facility most accurately described as a playground for adults. Rather than the traditional benches, barbells, and bulky machines, you’ll find:

The EPIC training program consists of seven separate classes, each of which designed to focus on a specific aspect of fitness. Each class consists of five to eight stations that class participants rotate through until the time expires. We realize that training redundancy is a significant reason why most people do not stick to their regimen, which is why we rework fitness programs every four weeks to continuously provide a new experience.

Expose yourself to one of the most efficient training methods out there and be EPIC! Join EPIC Interval Training at our Manhattan HIIT fitness classes for a workout experience like no other. Contact us today to discover how you can get your first class free!