How do you prefer to train? Are you someone who likes to plug in headphones and go to work or do you enjoy the camaraderie aspect of working out? If you favor the latter, then EPIC Interval Training’s group fitness classes are for you! All of our classes are designed to be inclusive for individuals of all training levels who wish to take advantage of our unique training style. All you need to bring is loads of energy and a go-getter attitude to make the most of what our group fitness sessions have to offer.

Group fitness is one of the most common exercise methods as it is suitable for a variety of workouts. Everything from Zumba to cycling and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to Pilates is performed in group settings, and those who believe that this is some coincidence are sadly mistaken. Individuals seek out group fitness to expose themselves to its many benefits.

EPIC Benefits of Group Fitness

If you have yet to try group fitness, you’re in for a treat. Not only does this training method make it easy for instructors to train multiple individuals simultaneously, but participants are likely to experience at least one of the following benefits.

Motivation & Accountability

When you work out independently, it can be hard to stay motivated. You can easily choose to skip a training day and not have to worry about explaining your absence to anyone. Group fitness adds the motivation and accountability aspect to working out as you have fellow class members and instructors who look forward to seeing you at the next session. Our group fitness sessions consist of up to 12 people — just enough to get motivated without feeling lost in a sea of trainees.


Everyone enjoys a little friendly competition and for a good reason. The phrase “competition brings out the best in a person” is an accurate one as individuals tend to perform harder when up against someone else. With every one of our group fitness classes, you’ll find the opportunity to compete with a fellow class member. Whether you’re going head-to-head to see who can get through the monkey bars faster or seeing who can do the most burpees, everyone wins when the goal is improving fitness capabilities.

Enjoyable Experience

There are few things more enjoyable than a good time with like-minded individuals, and that’s exactly what you’re getting when you visit us at EPIC Interval Training! Even if you join the group not knowing anyone, after a few classes you’ll see yourself naturally becoming close to others in the class. The reason being is that everyone is striving for a common purpose and can easily jell as you all take strides toward your fitness goals. Working out with friends makes for an overall more enjoyable experience.

All of these benefits and more are available when you join us EPIC Interval Training for one of our group fitness classes! Come in a hopeful individual yearning for improved health and leave sweaty and ready for the next calorie-burning class. Be EPIC and contact us today to discover how you can get your first class free of charge!