Chelsea HIIT Fitness Classes

Are you someone who has long enjoyed the idea of regularly participating in fitness ventures, but has yet to commit yourself to one? Don’t feel guilty. The gap between the number of people who would like to exercise regularly and those who actually do is massive. Whether it be kids, work, school or a combination of the three, finding the time stop what you’re doing and focus on physical fitness can be harder than it sounds. Luckily, there is a training method for people just like you that doesn’t involve a typical gym membership.

Working out at a traditional gym is becoming highly unpopular as fitness seekers nationwide are realizing how inefficient it is. To get the most out of a conventional gym, you must already have a training plan and knowledge of the appropriate machines to use. Once you get an exercise plan, you find yourself spending well over an hour in the gym working on only one muscle group per day. If this sounds like something you’d rather avoid, a Chelsea HIIT fitness class may be perfect for you!

Why HIIT Works

HIIT or High intensity Interval Training has caught fire in recent years and for a good reason. Fitness enthusiasts with athletic and non-athletic backgrounds have raved about its ability to provide a quality workout in a short period of time. Probably the most heralded advantage of HIIT is that it allows for a full-body exercise with every workout!

Through 45-minute circuit-style programs, participants optimize every second and every movement of every workout. Not only does this save time but it fits a week’s worth of training into one intense class. Complement regular HIIT training with optimal nutrition, and you’ll expose yourself to its many benefits including:

The number of ways to perform HIIT is seemingly endless but one, in particular, is highly regarded for helping individuals reach their fitness goals fast!

What is EPIC Interval Training?

EPIC Interval Training is a minimalistic-style fitness method that encompasses every aspect of the word. Coaches and participants alike complete the class barefoot while giving 100% at every one of the five to eight stations. You don’t have to worry about any oversized resistance machines here as we replace those with:

The EPIC Interval training program has a total of seven classes, each with a laser focus on a specific aspect of fitness. Ranging from EPIC Yoga to the renowned Grynd class, with us you’ll get a chance to explore the many varieties of HIIT. We understand that the most common reason why people stray away from their training regimen is due to redundancy. This is why we rework our seven classes every four weeks to continuously provide you with a new fitness experience.

Are you ready to take advantage of one of the most highly-efficient training methods and be EPIC? Join us at our next Chelsea HIIT fitness class for a one-of-a-kind training experience! Contact us today to discover how you can get your first class free!