Finding methods of fitness that work can be the most grueling task. Attending a traditional gym seems ideal, but there’s little to no guidance for newcomers, and the seemingly endless number of machines can be overwhelming. There’s also an increased risk of injury as a large number of those who attend gyms have minimal knowledge of how to safely operate the machinery. For those in search of a proven fitness method instructed by experienced coaches, look no further than EPIC Interval Training! Our Bryant Park HIIT fitness classes can whip newcomers into shape and even push the most skilled athletes to their limits.

Why HIIT Works

Such results are available to all who entrust the process and fully commit to their physical health. The many ways to perform HIIT are endless, but one unique training style takes the benefits of high-intensity training to new heights.

What is EPIC Interval Training?

EPIC Interval Training specializes in minimalist-style training that embodies every aspect of the term. Trainers and members alike perform HIIT barefoot in an environment most accurately described as a playground for adults. There aren’t any barbells, resistance machines, or benches in sight. We replace those items with:

We have eight separate fitness classes, each with a specific focus on a different aspect of physical fitness. Each class has five to eight stations that members rotate through until the time expires. In an effort to keep fitness seekers eager and engaged, we reprogram workouts every four weeks, disallowing members from becoming accustomed to any particular program.

Ditch the rudimentary fitness avenues and be EPIC! Join us at our Bryant Park HIIT fitness classes for a training experience you won’t soon forget. Contact us today to discover how you can get your first class free!