Have you heard the news? EPIC Interval Training is regarded as one of the toughest variations of HIIT and for a good reason. Our workouts are designed to push your mental and physical limits to help you develop the physique you’ve dreamed of, but getting there is no walk in the park. For those contemplating trying this unique method of fitness for the first time, you may be wondering how in the world you can prepare for such a grueling experience. Here are four ways to help you survive the toughest workout of your life.


It’s essential to hydrate your body in the days prior to any workout, but the importance is magnified when the training in question can burn up to 1,200 calories in 45 minutes. With an immense level of energy exertion expected, you can best prepare yourself by drinking water daily leading up to the class. If you fail to do so, your body may become dehydrated quickly during the workout and lead to:


Another thing to do in preparation for your EPIC workout is to stretch. Doing so helps loosen the muscles and adequately preps for the wide variations of movements you’ll perform during the session. Our circuit style training is designed to work every muscle for a highly efficient full-body workout. You can expect to do everything from incline push-ups and kettlebell swings to box jumps and sandbag squats. By hydrating and loosening your muscles, you can avoid injury and get the most from your workout. Just be sure to stretch after warming up for the best results as the increased blood flow improves flexibility.


The toughest battle you’ll fight prior to the training will not be physical, but moreso mental. Many people begin to psych themselves out of being able to do it before even walking through the gym doors. If you go in believing that you can’t do it, then you most likely won’t. Get in the proper mindset by encouraging yourself to perform every movement to the best of your ability, and you’ll likely gain a more beneficial training experience.


Don’t give up! Again, your mindset is crucial to the result of this class. You registered for the program because you heard about its many benefits and wanted to experience them first-hand. Now that you’ve made it past the tough part of deciding to enroll, make the most of it by seeing it through to the end. The best thing about HIIT is that your body gradually adapts to the training. Commit to the training, and you’ll see the results.

EPIC Interval Training is here to bring the fun back into fitness by implementing different workouts every day of the week. Through the combination of HIIT and minimalistic training, our circuit-style classes can help you develop strength, endurance, power, agility, and balance in just 45 minutes a day! Contact us today to sign up for an EPIC workout in New York City!