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Your Name

Becky S.

I have been an EPIC Member Since

January 2016

EPIC Fun Fact

This can be anything about yourself or an EPIC memory from your time at the gym. Play any sports? Have any interesting hobbies. etc. I was a competitive gymnast and competed in synchronized ice skating on Team USA

My favorite EPIC class is

The Blast

Give us a quick background on yourself.

I grew up in Katonah, NY, but was born in England! I have a wonderful fiancé, and I’m a certified athletic trainer currently in graduate school for a master’s in exercise science specializing in sports performance and nutrition. I’m also a paramedic and was assistant chief of my collegiate emergency medical services in undergrad. I love Coach’s Workouts, even when Jesse puts 250 burpees in them!

What has been your biggest accomplishment since joining EPIC?

You mean besides winning Member of the Month?! Definitely learning to do strict pull-ups, now that I know to engage my lats and upper back (thanks, Caitlin!).

What is your Instagram handle?