Are you someone who enjoys putting your body to the test while participating in extraordinary events? Do you welcome the idea of camaraderie, fitness, and being covered in mud? Then chances are you’ve competed in a mud run, and if not, you should! These extremely challenging events are ideal for those who enjoy obstacle course racing in untraditional conditions.

Mud runs are essentially a race through an excessively muddy obstacle course. The mud does not only make the competition messier but also more difficult as gripping and keeping balance is seemingly impossible when the ground and virtually all structures are covered in mud. One can choose to participate in these events individually or in groups. What these competitions all have in common is that you must come physically and mentally prepared. That is where EPIC Interval Training steps in! We offer mud run training for those looking to get in optimal shape for upcoming New York City mud running events like Tough Mudder.

EPIC Benefits of Mud Run Training

Although the event may look like muddy chaos to a third party, these events are highly competitive and often have cash rewards. Tough Mudder, in particular, has a $10,000 cash prize for solo winners and $12,000 cash prize for groups. With so much money at stake, it is no wonder why fitness fanatics train long and hard for these events. Some of the top benefits of mud run training include:

Those who believe that their traditional strength and cardio training is enough to prepare them for these extreme races are sadly mistaken. Many of these races have different skill groups to accommodate newcomers, but that does not mean that the competition is any easier. Anyone who is serious about completing a mud race understands that they must start training months out if they wish to keep up with fellow competitors, much less place in the competition. EPIC Interval Training is here to whip you into shape for your upcoming mud race!

Mud Run Prep with EPIC Interval Training

Our training facility is the ideal place to prepare your mind and body for a highly-competitive mud race. Equipped with monkey bars hanging from the ceiling, sandbags, plyo boxes, and much more, EPIC Interval Training is here to provide you with an intense training experience.

One of the most significant benefits of our mud run training is that it matches the pace and intensity you’ll experience during the race. Throughout the race, you’ll be constantly starting, stopping, and switching movements, requiring you to be able to activate the necessary muscle groups on demand. The best way to prepare for that is through barefoot, circuit-style training that keeps your heart rate up and demands you to utilize various muscle groups in every training station.

Start preparing your body today! Contact us to discover how you can get your first EPIC training class on the house!