Midtown HIIT Fitness Classes

Are you tired of going to the gym every day and not getting the results you desire? You are not alone. A large majority of fitness seekers find themselves dissatisfied with the results (or lack thereof) of traditional gym training. One notable reason for the dissatisfaction is that individuals aren’t aware of the proper training to pursue. If you’re like most gym-goers, you probably got your fitness routine from an internet search or an overly- health-conscious friend. Although these may be useful resources to start off with, it’s essential that you find a training method that is best for you.

For a training method known for producing results fast, look to EPIC Interval Training! Our Midtown HIIT Fitness classes are engaging, upbeat, and — most importantly — famous for their unparalleled health benefits.

Why HIIT Works

Otherwise known as High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT is most efficient at whipping people into shape and keeping them there. Unlike traditional methods of fitness where muscle groups are split up and assigned to a day of the week, HIIT offers a full-body workout. Through 45-minute circuit-style programs, participants dedicate every second of the workout to performing a specific exercise or movement for optimal results. When paired with proper nutrition, individuals can expect to:

These results are exclusive to those who trust the process and commit to regular training. Although there are many ways to perform HIIT, there is one in particular that is known for being one of the most efficient at producing desired results.  

What is EPIC Interval Training?

EPIC Interval Training specializes in minimalistic-style training to the benefit of all participants. Both members and trainers perform workouts completely barefoot in what many recognize as the ultimate adult playground. You won’t find any resistance machines, barbells, or benches here, but instead:

Our training program consists of eight separate classes, each with a laser-focus on a specific aspect of fitness. Each class includes five to eight stations that members rotate through until time’s up. We are fully aware that the reason many people don’t stick to their training regimen is due to boredom with their routine. This is why we rework training programs for a new fitness experience every four weeks.

Try one of the most efficient ways to workout and be EPIC! Join us at our Midtown HIIT fitness classes for an unforgettable training experience. Contact us today to find out how you can get your first class free!