Anyone who works out regularly understands the importance of getting the most out of every training session. Whether that means taking fewer breaks or sipping less water, you know that efficiency is key to obtaining your desired results, and the more muscle groups you can target in a single workout, the better. The best way of achieving such results is through a total body workout at EPIC Interval Training!

EPIC Benefits of a Total Body Workout

Total body workouts are those where, you guessed it, you work out your entire body, but it does have layers. Many people would assume that running, swimming, and biking are all total body workouts, and they are, but they are some of the least intense. They provide a noticeable burn, but you would have to perform them longer and at a high-intensity to come close to the type of workout you can get in a fully-equipped fitness studio.

What makes total body workouts so effective is that they condense what could be a week’s worth of training into one workout that you can perform multiple times a week. Those who regularly participate in such fitness methods are likely to expose themselves to its heralded benefits:

HIIT or high-intensity interval training is the most effective total body workout out there and for a good reason. Participants rotate through multiple stations during a 45-minute workout session while targeting a different part of the body in each station. One can perform HIIT in various ways, but EPIC Interval Training hosts one of the most efficient and effective HIIT workouts out there.

EPIC Interval Training Total Body Workout

Our New York City HIIT workout studio is where individuals come to get a total body workout like no other. With monkey bars, suspension bands, plyo boxes, kettlebells, sandbags, and much more at our disposal, we’ve created seven intense total body workout programs, one for every day of the week. Participants and coaches alike perform the programs completely barefoot as a way to maximize the efficacy of the training. Those who commit to EPIC Interval Training and the EPIC Interval Diet and Nutrition Plan can expect to see noticeable results fast!

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