Obstacle course training is one of the many ways to perform high-intensity interval training or HIIT. As the name suggests, the workout is set up with several obstacles throughout the course. Participants must complete the activity at every obstacle or station and proceed immediately to the next one, contrary to stations training where you perform the activity in the station repeatedly until the time expires. The goal of every participant is to successfully make it through all of the obstacles without interruption at the fastest pace.

Those who regularly perform obstacle course training understand that it is nothing like traditional training and can be difficult to master at first; but through frequent workouts paired with healthy eating habits, you’ll be able to finally take on the real deal.

Who Can Benefit from Obstacle Course Training

You do not have to be some wildly extreme, thrill-seeking gym rat to pursue obstacle course training. Although the workouts are intense, it becomes easier to perform over time as your body adapts (until a new obstacle is introduced), and then you must train harder to overcome that obstacle. This training method introduces fitness seekers to a type of workout that is continuously challenging so that the desire to get stronger, faster, and leaner never ceases.

If you can identify with any of the following, obstacle course training is for you!

Not Seeing Results

Have you been following a gym workout regimen that your friend sent you and you have yet to see any results? The issue with such training plans is that they are catered to specific goals and body types, while obstacle course training is for everyone. Nevermind the hassle of spending hours on the internet looking for the most appropriate workout plan for you, and simply show up and work out at your local obstacle course training studio.

Bored with Current Training Regimen

One main reason why you probably aren’t seeing any results is that you’ve become bored with your current training regimen. This makes it hard to get up and go to the gym every day and can lead to you actually dreading workouts, not due to their intensity but since you already know what to expect. Obstacle course training provides a much-needed change of pace.

Training for an Obstacle Race

Those training for an event like Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, or Warrior Dash can benefit significantly from obstacle course training. This is mainly because the training mirrors what you can expect to experience both physically and mentally while participating in such competitions. Obstacle course training can also improve agility, balance, and endurance, all vital components of successfully completing a mud run.

EPIC Interval Training offers minimalistic-style obstacle course training for fitness seekers of various fitness levels. Through the use of kettlebells, sandbags, monkey bars, TRX suspension bands, plyo boxes, and much more, we can whip you into shape for whatever event your training for and help you maintain that level of fitness for some time to come. Are you ready to take part in an EPIC training experience? Contact us today to discover how you can get your first class free!