The phrase “no days off” is one that many people live by and apply to every aspect of their life. As conducive as this mentality may be to ensuring that you seize every opportunity, it can be counterproductive when geared toward fitness efforts. Those serious about their health are well aware of the importance of regular training. One must commit to a specified regimen to attain desired results. When paired with healthy eating habits, one can expect to accomplish fitness goals with ease, but the vitality of scheduled rest days should not be overlooked. Digest these four reasons why a rest day is necessary.


You are pushing your body to the limit every time you participate in an intense training class. Although individual sessions rarely exceed 45 minutes, the energy needed to perform these exercises exceeds that of most. The most significant benefit of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is that your body adapts to the fitness method the more you do it. Mastering this form of training is only possible if you allow your body to heal by implementing weekly rest days.

Prevent Burnout

Have you ever been working out and realized that your energy level just wasn’t where it needed to be? You hydrated and fueled your body as needed and even got a full night’s rest, so what can be the problem? Well, when was the last time you took a day off? Back-to-back training with no breaks can burn you out and leave you unable to complete exercises you usually get through with ease. By merely designating a day to rest you can prevent burnout.

Rest Muscles

The health of your muscles is most important. You continuously train to maintain their strength and endurance, but you must also give them a chance to recover. Muscle fibers tear during high-activity training sessions. Muscles get stronger when they are allowed to rebuild. Rest days benefit your training efforts as they provide your body with the time needed to repair tissues, allowing you to train even harder the next time around.

Improve Sleep

Overtraining is one of the main culprits behind sleep deficiency. Your body is constantly on high alert when it’s accustomed to being active. The more you work out without rest, the harder it becomes for your body to relax. One of the greatest indicators of overtraining is a high resting heart rate. You can lower that number by taking a day of the week to rest and recover.
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