Congratulations Bruce! Your hard work and commitment to EPIC has not gone unnoticed. Each month, we recognize a member for what they put in, and this month, you have been chosen! We would like to brag about you in our newsletter and on social media so if you would please fill out the questions below that would help us to do so!

Your Name

PC: Bruce

I have been an EPIC Member Since

PC: February 16

EPIC Fun Fact

This can be anything about yourself or an EPIC memory from your time at the gym. Play any sports? Have any interesting hobbies. etc.

PC: I went to Aviation High School in Long Island City. The gym was too small to accommodate all the students so one semester instead of gym, we played foosball and shot pool to fulfill the phys ed requirement. I didn’t discover I had any physical talent until I was 35 when I started running.

My favorite EPIC class is

PC: Steady Burn

Give us a quick background on yourself.

PC: I grew up in Flushing, went to the Syracuse University’s Newhouse School, graduated, worked in a recording studio, quit, worked six months as a waiter before getting my current job. I’ve worked at my current job for 26 years.

What has been your biggest accomplished since joining EPIC?

PC: In 2013, I started winning my age group in local races and was a 68% Age Graded runner. In 2014 I had ACL replacement, meniscus repair and microfracture surgery on my right knee. 2015, and early 2016 I had gel one injections and PRP therapy. This year, I started running again, and with little run training, I came in second in my age group, and am now for the first time a 70% Age Graded runner. One of my former running coaches used to say; you need to get stronger to run faster. I believe that my success after a four-year hiatus is because of Epic Interval Training.

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