When preparing to go to the gym, many people just throw on an old t-shirt, the most athletic bottoms they can find, and some discarded shoes. This is commonly known as “gym attire,” but what you wear to work out is more important than you know. Depending on the type of training you’re anticipating, you may have to deviate from your typical gym getup; this is especially true for EPIC Interval Training programs.

Our workouts are like nothing you’ve ever experienced, which is why it’s essential that you prepare yourself to make the most of this unique opportunity. Adequate hydration, proper stretching, and nutrition are a few ways to do just that, but be sure not to counteract those efforts by being improperly dressed. Allow these workout attire tips to guide you as you prepare for an EPIC workout!


It’s essential that you dress comfortably for your workout. This does not mean that you come in pajama pants and an oversized shirt, but rather in clothing that allows you to perform the necessary movements with ease. Overly baggy clothing requires frequent readjustments and can interfere with your workout, but we don’t suggest excessively tight garments, either. They can limit your range of motion and restrict your breathing. Comfortable clothing for an EPIC workout is appropriately sized and composed of the proper materials.


Have you ever jumped into the pool with a 100% cotton t-shirt? Notice how heavy the material becomes when soaked? This is exactly what you’re doing when you wear cotton garments to a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class. Between burpees, kettlebell swings, and numerous suspension training exercises, you can expect to work up an intense sweat. Do yourself a favor by wearing sweat-resistant materials. Such clothing wicks perspiration rather than absorbing it, keeping your clothing lightweight and conducive to your training efforts.


Yes, flip-flops. We train completely barefoot, so one thing you do not have to worry about is choosing appropriate footwear. This tends to be the most significant issue for many fitness seekers as proper footwear differs for each activity, but we’ve found the efficacy of barefoot training to be self-evident. Overly-cushioned and padded footwear limits your workout more than it benefits it, as you are unable to train particular foot and lower leg muscles that are essential for balance, stability, and coordination. Join us for the most effective barefoot training you’ve ever experienced!

EPIC Interval Training offers HIIT classes in New York City that expose you to its many heralded benefits. Our unique training method is minimalistic and laser-focused on the use of body weight to achieve fitness goals. With the appropriate attire coupled with an open mind and a desire for growth, you’ll be well-equipped for an EPIC workout! Contact us today at 646-450-2405 to discover how you get your first class free!