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March 2016

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This can be anything about yourself or an EPIC memory from your time at the gym. Play any sports? Have any interesting hobbies. etc.

After enduring a grueling winter studying for the bar exam a group of friends and I decided to join EPIC. After our first class (Friday, Dynamic Core with Sarah) we were all so sore for the remainder of the weekend! But that didn’t stop us from showing up that following Monday!

My favorite EPIC class is

Dynamic Core

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Native New Yorker just relocated back home from 10 years in the frozen tundra that is Minnesota. Recently passed the NY Bar Exam, gearing up to practice so watch out! What has been your biggest accomplished since joining EPIC?
Consistency. I’ve tried many an exercise regimen, however since joining EPIC this is the longest I’ve ever maintained a continuous presence. The diversity in the programming and the excellent staff makes it easy!

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Keep on being EPIC!