EPIC Golden Kettlebell Club Member Name

Mauro Villacreses

How long have you been an EPIC Member?

January 2016

What is your favorite EPIC Class?

The Blast

EPIC Fun Fact

I decided to take the Epic’s 2016 New Year’s Challenge, in hopes that it would jump start my road to a healthier life style. And now, I’m one race away from getting my first Trifecta!

About Mauro!

Born and raised in Queens, NY. Lived in Orlando, Fl and Savannah, Ga for a few years. A proud uncle of 6 awesome nieces and nephew, who make me laugh and smile every day!

What has been your biggest accomplished since joining EPIC?

My biggest accomplishment would be facing my fear of heights and nailing the rope climb during the Spartan Super ! (Shout out to Ashley Schwartz)

Congratulations Mauro! You are an incredibly hard worker and all around the staff had nothing but rave reviews for the commitment and great energy you bring to the gym!