Does EPIC help you become a better athlete even if you do not consider yourself an athlete?

You are an athlete. Yes, you. A sexy athlete. Just because you don’t play football for the Dolphins or compete in a sport at a high level doesn’t mean you aren’t athlete.

An “athlete” is someone who is proficient in a sport or other form of physical exercise. The principles that make an athlete great, however, can be applied to everyone in different aspects of life. Whether you’re a mother of three, a CEO of a company or a law student, it’s important to have the physical and mental strength to make it through each day.

EPIC Interval helps build physically and mentally strong athletes that compete in a variety of careers. For the typical athlete, EPIC provides a program that attacks weaknesses and helps strengthen every muscle. EPIC training is all encompassing and leaves you feeling accomplished after every session. The timing of the workouts not only builds stamina and endurance, but also taps into your mental strength. Whether it’s 3 long rounds, or 5 shorter ones, you have to mentally make it through the workout in order to physically complete it.

This is so important because when that mother of three, CEO, or law student reach the toughest parts of their days, they look back on that session at EPIC and remember how they made it through. They learn how to not quit or give up before their “game” is over. EPIC creates a healthy competition within you while improving your overall health and lifestyle.

Training at EPIC helps feed a healthy lifestyle for every type of athlete. Functional, complex movements translate into everyday life and prepare you for anything the day throws your way. I start everyday at EPIC because it provides an exciting, challenging, and rewarding workout before my day gets crazy. In just a few short months at EPIC I’ve set and reached multiple goals with the support of some great people. I’ve also built a stronger body and mind so I can be an elite athlete in all aspects of my life.
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This article was written by EPIC Interval Miami member, Chase Howard. He currently is pursuing his law degree at the University of Miami specializing in health, intellectual property and general business law. He’s a fantastic member and is always looking for the next fitness challenge!