What the Hell is EPIC Interval Training?

I get this question so much at this point it’s become a running joke with friends, family and Epic members that….GET IT!(What EPIC is all about)!
What’s funny is that it EPIC is extremely close to impossible to describing in conversation and the best way to GET IT is to participate in a class. For me, EPIC has become a living, breathing thing that I have a full relationship with. I love it, I hate it, I fight with it, I nurture it, I raise it, and I’m extremely proud of it.

When EPIC started, my goals and vision weren’t more than what workout can I devise each day that is going to kick my ass in the best way possible while being scalable for everyone to participate in. How can I make my body a full-blown machine where I do not need too much workout gear while still feeling like I received the workout of a lifetime? How can I create synergy in a group fitness atmosphere where everyone is enhancing the experience? These are still questions I asks myself everyday concerning EPIC and what I love most is that I always feel challenged. The fitness industry is a competitive one and trends come and go very quickly. If you decide to build a weak-ass foundation on gimmicks and hocus pocus, the journey will be short, and is going to end badly.

What my team and I have tried our best to do is tap into people’s mindsets and do our best to re-wire what people think an “epic” workout really is. I have done workouts where my body is beat to shit and I can’t move for days. I used to consider this an “epic” workout. My swollen joints, awkward gait, and back pain used to be considered a badge of honor. The truth is that it was just fucking stupid. I now have 4 standards when considering a workout to be “epic”

Every time you workout ask yourself these 4 questions…I’ll bet at least 9 out of 10 times you will be disappointed that your workout wasn’t “epic”.

So I guess I have been dodging the question at the start of this blog post….What the Hell EPIC INTERVAL Training? I’ll spare you the salesmen (Go to epicintervaltraining.com for our generic answer) answer and let you know what EPIC Interval Training is to me:

EPIC Interval Training is a group fitness, all-encompassing workout that seriously changes lives, especially mine. I have never put myself first when answering this question, but the truth is that the program started with me and I’ve lived this program from day 1. I have been fortunate enough to make life long friends and enhance people’s lives doing what I love most…How many people can say that?

There are many fitness programs that breed results and EPIC isn’t any different….We get serious results, trust me. Where I have noticed the biggest difference is how personal people are about the program. How much pride people have in their workouts. How excited people get when they accomplished something they never thought they could do. The program changes mindsets and expectations for the better, that’s what I love most!

So have I explained what EPIC is all about? Probably not, so just watch this video if you are still interested.